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Do something for the 1st time

When was the last time you tried something new? Think about it. Seriously.  When was the last time you did something for the first time? Now it's a country song by Darius Rucker but I was originally asked this in the pre-game pep talk before my first Tough Mudder. ...

Mental Training

By: Coach Amy fsuamy@gmail.com My trainer, Sione, once told me that he could tell how I was going to perform in sparring the second I walked in the door. Wow. The power of that statement set me off on a journey to study, better understand and very deliberately engage...

The 1% Challenge.

by Coach Amy At the beginning of each new year we are all conditioned to make resolutions because the start of a new year brings the exciting feeling of a new beginning.  Each January we feel compelled to come up with attractive sounding goals; however according to a...

Do you work out or do you train?

by Coach Amy http://lipstickonmygloves.blogspot.com fsuamy@gmail.com Have you ever thought about this?  If not, then you are probably working out, like I was. What's the difference? A "working out" mindset is a calorie burning, "just get it done", exercise to feel...

FIGHT NIGHT is a Success

Ten amateur boxing bouts, all sanctioned by USA Boxing, delivered an exciting night of action for hundreds of people from Massachusetts who gathered at Demetri’s Functions in Foxboro on June 13.

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