When was the last time you tried something new?

Think about it.

Seriously.  When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Now it’s a country song by Darius Rucker but I was originally asked this in the pre-game pep talk before my first Tough Mudder.  The motivational speaker asked us this question and a light bulb went off.  It has stuck with me and guided me ever since.

As children everything was new.  We were constantly being exposed to, or experiencing new things.  It was a natural part of our lives and we embraced it, mostly not even aware of it.  As adults we get into routines and get so stuck in them that not only do new experiences become inconvenient, uncomfortable or scary, but they can be hard to find. It’s not that they’re not all around us, but our minds are closed to them.

Why should we practice seeking out new experiences?

For me, trying something new or scary makes me feel alive.  Really alive.  Like a kid again.  Sometimes it is a quick rush like a fight or competition, or jumping off of a bridge (my biggest fear in the world).  These kinds of quick, frightening experiences are often spontaneous so you have to keep your eyes open to find them, and be ready to jump. They excite me short-term and make me proud of facing my fears.  They strengthen my confidence and my fear facing skills.  I stick them in “my back pocket” to pull out to help with future challenges.

A more important time to face fear is chasing a dream or passion.  This is a long term rush.  It makes you excited to wake up every morning because you are pursuing a goal or your authentic self.  It may be learning to box, starting a new business, profession, hobby, training, or project, etc…  These blessings require you to keep your mind open.  We can often see them with our eyes and feel them in our heart, but can think of hundreds of “good reasons” why we can’t or shouldn’t do them.  All of these reasons are rooted in fear.  When we have practiced facing fears in our life we are braver and more comfortable pushing past the uncomfortable.  We are more confident to decide that we are capable and worthy of pursuing our passions, and we can unlock the good stuff.

When we have the courage to pursue these passions we feel like we are who we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing, and that brings such joy, peace and confidence.  We have a purpose.  We are more interesting.  We are more interested.  We make new friends.  We put ourselves outside our comfort zones and we get more and more comfortable out there.  We decide that a lot more is possible.  We inspire others just by doing what we love, being happy in who we are.  We attract positive energy and opportunity.

So I encourage you to regularly ask yourself…”when was the last time I did something for the first time”?  If the answer is not recently, open your eyes and your mind and find something, or find the courage to do what is in your heart.  Be alive!  Be you!  Be happy! Inspire others!

– Coach Amy


**written for FA Boxing**

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