Semi Private Personal Training
With One of Our Professional Trainers

Semi Private Personal Training

Your results are the measure of our success

Semi-private instruction will allow us to work with each of you on a more personalized level.  Our goals for semi-private groups are to create a more structured environment, making it easier for us to monitor your progress as we guide you to work towards your specific goals.  It will also allow us the flexibility to control the dynamics of each group, making it easier to prepare your program for the hour.

Advantages of Semi Private Personal Training

  • Design custom fitness programs for your unique requirements
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Hold you accountable for your progress
  • Faster, better results
  • Variety of programs and exercises help prevent boredom
  • More consistent progress and results
  • Educate on proper form and technique
  • Prevent injuries
  • Monitor progress closely
  • Help keep you motivated
  • Help break old bad habits and establish new healthy ones
  • Challenge you to succeed
  • Time efficient
  • Fit into your schedule
  • Less intimidating than large group training

Create your own group

Getting fit with your friends is extremely fun and productive. Tell us what you’d like to do, or let us share with you what works great for others.

One on One Training with a Personal Trainer - Boxing Training at an upscale boxing gym

Semi Private Personal Training Group

Group Boxing Classes, Workouts, Group Fitness
Group Boxing Classes, Workouts, Group Fitness

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*This offer is limited to a one-on-one visit.  If you are interested in learning more about the FA Boxing difference and meet our personal trainers get in touch!


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